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Andrea Swanson

Andrea Swanson

Frontenac, Minnesota, USA

Speaks English

EFT / Tapping


I owe my freedom to the US Military and those who serve. Volunteering for the benefit of veterans and their families is my way of showing gratitude to those who have sacrificed so much.

My maternal Grandfather served in the Marine Corps, stationed in Guan, where he claimed the first shot of WWI was fired. My paternal Grandfather served in France during WWI as a Lieutenant Coronel in the Army where he suffered the loss of many men. He was buried at Fort Snelling National Cemetery. The memory of this event was traumatic and I began to cry with so much sorrow. The never-ending rows and rows of white grave stones and the significance held in the hearts of so many families.

My Aunt Jean was in love with Ben Myers, who entered the Air Force during WWII. Ben became a navigator and flew in a plane the crew names Purgatory Pete, and in 1942-43 his plane was shot down in the North Sea; he was reported missing in action and was never found. She suffered his loss entire life.

My father served in the Army during WWII in California. After the war and throughout his life he refused to receive any benefits from Veterans Affairs as he believed the benefits should go to those who served overseas. Wars continue throughout my life: Korea, Vietnam, Desert Shield/Desert Storm and the Global War on Terror (Libya, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia, Pakistan and Afghanistan).

I am eternally grateful for the sacrifices made by those serving and their families.

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